Better Quake Than Never

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Started in January 2021, BQTN originated as an opportunity for me to play through some Quake mission packs, community content (in particular Arcane Dimensions), and other games based on the same engines or with very similar aesthetics/mechanics, that I haven't had the chance to fully play or stream yet.

Since completing Arcane Dimensions, it has segued into a journey through community-created content throughout Quake's history, in installments I've titled "Pak Attacks". We were still squarely in Quake 1 territory well through its 25th anniversary in June, took a detour into Dusk and Quake II and 4 during Q4 2021, and have been plowing through modern-era Quake 1 content since 2022.


These are the games I've played so far during the event. This includes commercial games, mission packs, and other major releases (e.g. Arcane Dimensions) that were in the plans from day one. I added to this list primarily during the first two months of BQTN, mid-year around Quake's 25th anniversary, and then in late 2021 for Dusk and Quake II. The rest of my time has been spent on additional community content, which I elaborate on further below.

1.Quake (Hard)Jan 10 2021Jan 17 202108:52:18
2.Quake: Dimension of the PastJan 17Jan 1701:48:36
3.Quake Mission Pack No. 1: Scourge of ArmagonJan 23Jan 2304:30:36
4.Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of EternityJan 24Jan 3004:09:22
5.Arcane DimensionsJan 30Mar 636:16:05
6.Arcane Dimensions (Test Maps)Feb 27Mar 601:35:45
7.Quake (Nightmare for 25th anniversary)Jun 22Jun 2605:51:32
8.Quake: Dimension of the Machine (QuakeCon 2021)Aug 21Aug 2104:56:03
9.DuskOct 17Oct 3012:14:16
10.Quake II RTX (Hard)Nov 6Nov 1408:30:04
11.Quake 4 (Lieutenant)Nov 14Nov 2009:06:03
12.Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning (Hard)Nov 21Nov 2706:08:38
13.Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero (Medium)Nov 28Dec 406:17:58
14.Zaero for Quake II (Medium)Dec 5Dec 1204:19:50
15.Quake II 64 (Medium) (Abandoned)Dec 12Dec 1805:30:37
16.Quake II Remaster: Call of the Machine (Medium)Aug 12 2023Aug 19 202308:27:33
17.Quake II Remaster: Quake II 64 (Hard)Aug 19Aug 1902:43:58
18.Amid Evil (Medium)Aug 20Aug 2710:24:53
19.Amid Evil: The Black Labyrinth (Medium)Sep 2Sep 305:11:44

Pak Attacks

These are Quake paks created by the community that I've been working my way through since completing Arcane Dimensions. They are roughly, but not entirely, in chronological order. I've skipped around a bit when discovering important entries I overlooked (e.g. the IKSPQ maps), or in order to group related entries.

Zerstorer: Testament of The Destroyer (1997)Mar 6 2021Mar 6 202102:08:40
Mexx1-10 (1996-1997)Mar 7Mar 1304:13:38
Prodigy SE (1997)Mar 13Mar 1402:23:48
Beyond Belief (1997)Mar 14Mar 1402:24:22
Death’s Dominion (1998)Mar 20Mar 2003:24:55
Phantasmal Garrison V2 (2000)Mar 21Mar 2100:58:33
Insomnia (2000)Mar 21Mar 2101:37:19
The Final Descent (2000)Mar 27Mar 2702:55:00
Badpak (2000)Apr 3Apr 301:17:09
Coven of Ebony (2000)Apr 3Apr 301:18:26
Nehahra (2000)Apr 10Apr 1004:42:38
Rubicon (1998)Apr 11Apr 1100:35:52
Operation: Urth Majik (2001)Apr 11Apr 1101:48:40
Rapture (2001)Apr 17Apr 1701:36:40
Contract Revoked (2002)Apr 17Apr 1700:58:42
Soul of Evil (2002)Apr 18Apr 2505:05:32
Carved In Flesh (2003)May 1May 100:53:45
Autumn Haunting (2003)May 1May 100:39:50
Guncotton (2003)May 1May 100:14:42
Nihilore: The Mechanical Empire (2002)May 1May 100:43:14
At The Gates of Midian (2001)May 2May 200:38:13
Once Upon Atrocity (2002)May 2May 200:37:09
Dawn of Eternity (2003)May 2Jun 2103:44:31
Bastion of The Underworld (2004)May 8May 801:06:42
The Marcher Fortress (2005)May 8May 801:20:09
Quake Condensed (2004)May 9May 900:28:48
Ontranto (2004)May 9May 901:46:51
Avanipaala Praasaada (2001)May 9May 900:31:50
IKSPQ Series (1997)May 15May 1501:34:23
Adamantine Cruelty (2004)May 15May 1501:13:47
Concentric Devastation (2005)May 16May 1600:54:47
Terra (2005)May 16May 1601:09:25
Ceremonial Circles (2001)May 16May 1600:32:35
Numb Nimbus (1999)May 22May 2200:20:24
Biotoxin (2001)May 22May 2200:11:19
Februus Depth (2004)May 22May 2200:43:16
Sky Palace 01 (1999)May 22May 2200:03:44
Memento Mori (1999)May 22May 2200:47:08
Slipgate Remix (2004)May 23May 2300:13:10
Bloody Slipgates (2008)May 23May 2300:33:32
Colony (2001)May 23May 2300:58:08
Day of the Lords (2003-2004)May 23May 2301:04:08
Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters (2005)May 29May 2902:20:38
The Night Journey (2005)May 30May 3002:24:19
Death's Cold Touch (2000)May 30May 3000:11:06
Ground Zero (2000)May 30May 3000:15:37
Abyss of Pandemonium: The Final Mission v2.0 (1997-2008)Jun 5Jun 503:05:19
Travail (2007)Jun 6Jun 1206:42:38
The Masque of Red Death (2006)Jun 13Jun 1300:54:44
Subterranean Siege (2002)Jun 13Jun 1300:22:39
Hexameron: Phase One (2002)Jun 13Jun 1300:31:00
Warp Spasm (2007)Jun 20Jun 2005:10:29
Remix Map Pack (2008)Jun 26Jun 2601:30:29
The Lizard's Trance (2008)Jun 27Jun 2700:19:35
Gloomier Keep (2012)Jun 27Jun 2700:13:30
Slave to a Machine (2008)Jun 27Jun 2700:25:35
The Hand That Feeds You (2007)Jun 27Jun 2700:32:50
White Room (2008)Jun 27Jun 2700:11:45
Soul of Evil: Indian Summer (2008)Jul 3Jul 303:44:36
Three Towers And A Sick Base (2007)Jul 11Jul 1100:24:38
Stark Monstrosity (2009)Jul 11Jul 1100:44:10
Frying Obstacles (2003)Jul 17Jul 1701:09:08
The Rest is Silence (2005)Jul 17Jul 1700:35:11
Breakfast at Twilight (2007)Jul 17Jul 1700:55:33
For Love of Evil (2010)Jul 18Jul 1800:47:17
Cappuccino: The Refill (2004)Jul 18Jul 1800:15:35
Sewage Devastation (2006)Jul 18Jul 1800:21:31
Q1TM2: Phala Erectus + HrdTrffc (2002)Jul 18Jul 1800:19:47
Q1TM3: Raisins in a Box. + Careful with that Axe... (2004)Jul 18Jul 1800:36:40
Recurrent Rumours (2001)Jul 24Jul 2400:34:10
Grendel's Keep (2010)Jul 24Jul 2400:25:27
Ruined Nation (2008)Jul 24Jul 2400:23:06
Rubicondom (2005)Jul 24Jul 2400:32:09
Red 777 (2005)Jul 24Jul 2401:49:22
Rubicon 2 (2011)Jul 25Jul 2501:17:59
Red Slammer (2010)Jul 25Jul 2500:19:29
Runic Recycling (2010)Jul 25Jul 2500:22:35
Ascending & Descending (2013)Jul 25Jul 2501:24:02
A Roman Wilderness of Pain (2009)Jul 31Jul 3102:19:57
Arcanum (2011)Aug 1Aug 103:10:00
Unforgiven (2011)Aug 7Aug 701:57:00
The Living End & Elder World Waystation (2008)Aug 7Aug 701:08:22
Moldy Tower (2009)Aug 8Aug 800:23:52
The Altar of Storms (2011)Aug 8Aug 800:42:38
The Final Threat (2000)Aug 8Aug 800:19:52
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (2009)Aug 8Aug 800:58:33
Subterranean Library (2012)Aug 14Aug 1401:23:04
Pretend Dead Friend (2007)Aug 14Aug 1400:09:54
The Occupied Base (2006)Aug 14Aug 1400:30:07
Honey (2012)Aug 15Aug 1501:41:03
Catatonic Fits of Despair (2012)Aug 15Aug 1500:39:06
Quarantine (2013)Aug 15Aug 1500:24:12
Something Wicked (2012)Aug 22Aug 2202:17:41
In the Shadows (2012)Aug 28Aug 2801:57:54
The Horde of Zendar (2013)Aug 28Aug 2800:40:49
Midnight Stalker (2013)Aug 29Aug 2900:20:31
Backsteingotik (2013)Aug 29Aug 2900:40:49
The Ivory Tower (2013)Aug 29Aug 2901:17:53
For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2 (2013)Sep 4Sep 402:05:12
Terracity (2013)Sep 4Sep 400:38:58
Termination Mental (2013)Sep 5Sep 500:20:06
Kleins Bottle (2013)Sep 5Sep 500:20:45
Clean Cut (2013)Sep 5Sep 500:13:43
Pain in the Arch (2013)Sep 5Sep 500:31:18
Mainframe Mayhem (2013)Sep 5Sep 500:36:16
Rubicon Rumble Pack (2014)Sep 12Sep 1806:17:54
Castle Kaahoo (2014)Sep 18Sep 1800:23:12
The Castle of Koohoo (2001)Sep 18Sep 1800:45:04
Solarfall (1999)Sep 19Sep 1900:20:10
Nastrond (2003)Sep 19Sep 1900:30:05
Elements (2010)Sep 19Sep 1900:26:18
One Thousand Cuts (2014)Sep 25Sep 2500:52:25
Fallen From Grace (2014)Sep 25Sep 2500:17:03
Conflagrant Rodent (2010)Sep 25Sep 2501:01:46
Cataractnacon / Zeangala (2016)Sep 26Sep 2601:16:36
A Horse Named Quake (2016)Sep 26Sep 2600:36:46
The Bonehoard (2016)Sep 26Sep 2600:30:00
Threat Assessment (2017)Sep 26Sep 2600:27:02
digs01 (2006)Oct 2Oct 201:31:07
Virtual World (2006)Oct 2Oct 200:13:47
digs03 (2007)Oct 2Oct 200:30:16
The Parallel Worlds (2008)Oct 2Oct 201:02:42
The Anomaly (2011)Oct 3Oct 300:36:20
The Anomaly 2: Water (2011)Oct 3Oct 301:15:56
RJ Zone (2014)Oct 3Oct 301:03:56
The Isolation (2016)Oct 16Oct 1600:48:52
The Zombie's House (2018)Oct 16Oct 1600:36:32
Conference of the Shamblers (2014)Oct 16Oct 1600:48:56
Down the ratbit hole (2005)Oct 16Oct 1600:21:48
Slight Mechanical Destruction (Q2) (2013)Dec 19Dec 1901:53:33
Zero Signal (Q2) (2016)Dec 19Dec 1900:30:45
The Contract (2017)Dec 26Dec 2600:33:27
Mel Soaring series (Q2+HL+Q1) (1999-2000)Dec 26 2021Dec 26 202102:09:21
Satyr (Q2) (2001)Jan 1 2022Jan 1 202200:33:02
Amari Aliquid (Q2) (2001)Jan 1Jan 100:36:38
Nightmare Orchards (Q2) (2002)Jan 1Jan 100:22:05
Ultramarine (2002)Jan 1Jan 100:17:23
Fearcraft (2002)Jan 1Jan 100:38:12
Necrobrood (2002)Jan 1Jan 100:39:27
Brumal Quest (2001)Jan 2Jan 200:26:52
The Looming Madness (2001)Jan 2Jan 200:29:01
Egyptian Myth (2000)Jan 2Jan 200:20:07
Grisly Manifest (2001)Jan 2Jan 200:31:34
Charmhood (2005)Jan 2Jan 200:10:39
DM5RMX: Round the U-Bend (2012)Jan 2Jan 200:14:48
DM6RMX: The Dark Portal (2018)Jan 2Jan 200:27:34
DM7RMX: Geophobia (2012)Jan 2Jan 200:16:41
The Guardhouse (1996)Jan 9Jan 900:14:33
The Epoch Turning (1997)Jan 9Jan 900:20:21
Elektra (1997)Jan 9Jan 900:16:36
Carnage (1997)Jan 9Jan 900:21:36
The Grim Outpost (2018)Jan 9Jan 900:33:51
Q25 Limits Jam v1.2 (2021)Jan 16Jan 2205:13:04
Bad Dark Cistern (2012)Jan 22Jan 2200:29:41
Vivat Rex Lividum (2018)Jan 22Jan 2200:25:52
Court of Fools (2020)Jan 22Jan 2200:17:25
Epochs of Enmity (2020)Jan 23Jan 2905:12:55
Mars Base Excavation Incident (2020)Jan 29Jan 2900:49:52
Unknown Kadath (2017)Jan 30Jan 3000:23:43
The Castle Amber (1997)Jan 30Jan 3000:10:42
Menkalinan (2004)Jan 30Jan 3000:56:16
Temple of Azathoth (2017)Jan 30Jan 3000:28:51
Witch House Mixtape (2020)Jan 30Jan 3000:17:52
Organic Dissociation (2017)Feb 5Feb 500:30:38
Cloisterfuck (2018)Feb 5Feb 500:52:31
Shifting Planes of Existence v1.2 (2018)Feb 5Feb 500:27:27
East Ardougne (2019)Feb 5Feb 500:15:06
Dismal Signal (2019)Feb 5Feb 500:16:51
Tomb of Fenrir (2017)Feb 6Feb 600:15:18
Paradise Sickness (2017)Feb 6Feb 601:14:51
Raven Keep (2020)Feb 6Feb 601:49:45
Awoken Madness (2019)Feb 12Feb 1200:50:11
37th Relic Retrieval (2019)Feb 12Feb 1203:04:14
Corrupted Sector (2020)Feb 13Feb 1300:17:01
Secrets of the Keep (2020)Feb 13Feb 1301:06:42
Deep Research (2020)Feb 13Feb 1300:16:12
The Lima Project (2020)Feb 13Feb 1300:25:40
Candles of the Damned (2020)Feb 13Feb 1300:41:48
Xala'noth - Part 1 (2020)Feb 19Feb 1900:36:37
Aerospace Vitriol (2020)Feb 19Feb 1900:31:16
Network Unreachable (2020)Feb 19Feb 1900:24:47
Retribution Revisited (2020)Feb 19Feb 1900:32:07
Oxyblack Fortress (2020)Feb 20Feb 2001:06:26
Imhotep's Legacy (2020)Feb 20Feb 2000:58:01
A Verdant Dawn (2020)Feb 26Feb 2601:10:01
Ruins of Mazotac (2018)Feb 26Feb 2600:09:32
Simplex (2018)Feb 26Feb 2600:31:28
Recursion (2018)Feb 26Feb 2600:17:32
Toybox (2019)Feb 26Feb 2600:41:37
Jumpmod 2 + Triune Discovery (2019)Feb 27Feb 2701:42:11
January Jump Jam (2020)Feb 27Mar 606:59:57
Dead but Dreaming (2020)Mar 6Mar 600:17:57
The Darkstone Halls (2020)Mar 12Mar 1200:22:42
The Underkeep (2020)Mar 12Mar 1200:24:17
Forgotten Fortress (2020)Mar 12Mar 1200:29:00
The Battery (2020)Mar 12Mar 1200:36:56
Brick Red (2020)Mar 12Mar 1200:43:46
The Edge of Sanity (2020)Mar 13Mar 1300:26:59
Greymoor (2021)Mar 13Mar 1300:59:11
Halls of the Void (2021)Mar 13Mar 1300:22:49
Chthonic Deities (2021)Mar 13Mar 1300:43:50
Poziom Lawy (2020)Mar 13Mar 1300:06:23
Underdark Overbright v1.1 (2019/2021)Mar 19Mar 1903:06:52
Dwell E1 v1.2 (2020)Mar 20Mar 2005:39:59
Realm of the Lost (smej) (2019)Mar 26Mar 2704:19:36
Blackened Call (2019)Mar 27Mar 2700:19:25
Torrent of Impurities (smej2) v1.1 (2021)Apr 2Apr 307:21:10*
The Punishment Due (2021)Apr 9Apr 902:38:17
Blue Monday (2021)Apr 16Apr 1603:48:41
The Refinery (2019)Apr 17Apr 1700:23:42
The Doomed Cathedral (2020)Apr 17Apr 1700:23:25
The Mountains of Insanity (2020)Apr 17Apr 1700:32:11
Hushed Walls (2020)Apr 17Apr 1700:14:49
What Lies Behind (2020)Apr 17Apr 1700:31:46
Flooded Ruins (2020)Apr 23Apr 2300:08:11
Evil Wizard (2020)Apr 23Apr 2300:09:01
Godfreys Demesne (2021)Apr 23Apr 2300:18:48
Weight For It (2021)Apr 23Apr 2300:15:00
The Purifier (2021)Apr 23Apr 2300:31:08
Oozing Blasphemy (2022)Apr 23Apr 2301:11:17
Kelluva Linna (2020)Apr 24Apr 2400:39:41
The Circulation of Shadows (2021)Apr 24Apr 2400:28:36
Off Base (2019)Apr 24Apr 2400:18:34
Bunker of Barzai (2020)Apr 24Apr 2400:11:39
Castle Zanthu (2020)Apr 24Apr 2400:28:43
Malvirta Station (2020)Apr 24Apr 2400:11:55
Alkaline v1.1 (2021)Apr 30May 811:01:20
Alkaline Jam (2021)May 14May 1402:24:12
Ad Infinitum + Backwards Compatible (2000-2001)May 14May 1400:21:57
Forwards Compatible (2008)May 14May 1400:15:21
January Jump Jam 2 (2022)May 15May 2209:30:16
Hydro Madness v3.2 (2022)May 22May 2200:18:18
Plowing Through (2021)May 22May 2200:33:47
War Church (2021)May 22May 2200:25:50
Down the Gutter (2021)May 28May 2800:19:59
Waldsterben (2022)May 28May 2800:43:31
Dreary Disposition (2019)May 28May 2800:21:01
Binding Tower (2019)May 28May 2800:23:56
SMEJ Jam (2021)May 28May 2905:50:33
Func Map Jam 1: Honey Theme (2014)Jun 4Jun 403:15:52
Func Map Jam 2: IKblue/IKwhite Theme (2014)Jun 5Jun 502:46:44
Func Map Jam 3: Zerstörer Theme (2014)Jun 11Jun 1103:07:23
Func Map Jam 4: Low Gravity Runic Theme (2015)Jun 12Jun 1200:22:07
Func Map Jam 5: The Qonquer Map Jam (2015)Jun 12Jun 1202:26:24
Func Map Jam 6: Fire and Brimstone (2015)Jun 18Jun 1803:59:16
Func Map Jam 7: Back to Base (2016)Jun 19Jun 1902:09:57
Func Map Jam 8: Film Noir Theme (2016)Jun 25Jun 2501:15:37
Func Map Jam 9: Contract Revoked / Knave Theme (2017)Jun 25Jul 1012:03:06
Func Map Jam X: Insomnia Theme (2019)Jul 11Jul 1606:21:15
Retro Jam 1: Medieval/Castle Theme (2014)Jul 17Jul 1701:01:50
Retro Jam 2: Fantasy Brick Cities in the Skies Theme (2014)Jul 17Jul 1700:59:53
Retro Jam 3: Vertical Metal/Runic Theme (2015)Jul 23Jul 2300:53:52
Retro Jam 3 DLC (2015)Jul 23Jul 2301:13:57
Retro Jam 4: Episode 4 Tribute Theme (2015)Jul 23Jul 2301:22:41
Retro Jam 4 DLC: Ascension (2015)Jul 30Jul 3000:21:48
Retro Jam 4 DLC: The Elder Reality (2016)Jul 30Jul 3000:27:37
Retro Jam 5: The Wind Tunnels Theme (2016)Jul 30Jul 3001:21:16
Retro Jam 6: Egyptian Theme (2017)Jul 31Aug 603:11:20
Egyptgington (2017)Aug 6Aug 600:38:10
Retro Jam 7: Koohoo Theme (2022)Aug 7Aug 1304:41:38
Work is a Nightmare (2022)Aug 13Aug 1300:40:23
Der Wanderer über dem Säuremeer (2017)Aug 14Aug 1400:18:23
Luna in Silver Shards (2018)Aug 14Aug 1400:10:51
Trench Foot (2018)Aug 14Aug 1400:11:47
Diminutive Abyss (2020)Aug 14Aug 1400:20:23
Duel, in Towers (2020)Aug 14Aug 1400:25:18
Perish the Thoth (2021)Aug 14Aug 1400:35:22
The Dreamer's Demesne (2022)Aug 14Aug 1400:24:17
The Stars We Lost To Grief (2022)Aug 14Aug 1400:07:54
Head Reattachment Trauma (2022)Aug 14Aug 1400:15:03
Coppertone Summer Jam (2020)Aug 20Aug 2106:23:58
Coppertone Summer Jam 2 v1.2 (2022)Aug 27Sep 411:56:46
Doom Tintin Jam (2020)Sep 10Sep 1002:32:32
Disposal of Otherworldly Monsters (2022)Sep 10Sep 1000:40:50
Speedmap Snack Pack (2020)Sep 11Sep 1102:53:44
Speedmap Snack Pack 2: Cosmic Hunger (2022)Sep 17Sep 1704:05:28
Speedmapping Pack 217: Remaster Textures (2022)Sep 18Sep 1801:52:50
Speedmapping Pack 206: Prototype Textures (2020)Sep 18Sep 2402:44:47
Speedmapping Pack 214: Prototype Textures II (2021)Sep 24Sep 2505:58:05
Brutalist Jam (2022)Oct 30Nov 1315:45:28
Prototype Jam 3 (sm220) (2022)Nov 13Nov 2009:59:33
Xmas Jam 2017 (2017)Nov 26Nov 2603:35:44
Xmas Jam 2018 (2018)Nov 27Dec 307:03:39
Xmas Jam 2019 (2019)Dec 4Dec 1005:16:59
Xmas Jam 2020 (2020)Dec 10Dec 1706:54:13
Xmas Jam 2021 (2021)Dec 17Dec 1908:23:58
Twisted Christmas Jam (2022)Dec 31Jan 1 202306:10:19
Sewer Jam (2019)Jan 8Jan 803:34:49
Sewer Jam 2 (v1.2.1) (2022)Jan 15Jan 2210:33:40
SM221 - Bridges (v1.1) (2022)Jan 28Jan 2802:46:49
SM222 - Towers (v1.2) (2023)Jan 29Jan 2902:07:49
Power Structure (2022)Jan 29Jan 2900:51:00
Explore Jam 1 (2016)Feb 4Feb 400:40:56
Explore Jam 2 (2017)Feb 4Feb 403:04:49
Thirteen Tombs of the Brilliant Dynasty (2023)Feb 5Feb 501:00:51
The Rust Forge (2022)Feb 5Feb 500:46:24
Concrete Meltdown (2022)Feb 5Feb 500:24:56
Unholy Ossuary (2017)Feb 11Feb 1100:16:50
Well of Lost Souls (2017)Feb 11Feb 1100:10:19
Infernal Ascent (2016)Feb 11Feb 1100:22:51
Symphony of Science (2016)Feb 11Feb 1100:25:07
Of Three Plantagenets (2019)Feb 11Feb 1101:00:22
Keeper of the Hell Gate (2020)Feb 12Feb 1200:18:52
The Machinery (2020)Feb 12Feb 1200:42:15
Azure Moon (2022)Feb 12Feb 1200:42:46
Prison of Hope (2022)Feb 12Feb 1200:46:31
Dwell v2.2 E1 (2023)Feb 18Feb 195:54:56
Dwell v2.2 E2 (2023)Feb 19Feb 2609:55:16
Sacrilege Demo (2022)Mar 4Mar 400:53:18
Cold Light (2022)Mar 4Mar 402:16:09
Reliquary (2021)Mar 5Mar 500:20:56
Slip Tripping (2022)Mar 5Mar 500:32:45
The Containment Centre (2020)Mar 5Mar 500:05:11
Love Labyrinth (2023)Mar 5Mar 500:10:50
Dead Memories (2012)Mar 5Mar 500:19:39
Primum non nocere & Ziggurat Sierpinski (2020)Mar 5Mar 500:08:39
Alkaline 1.2 new maps (2023)Mar 11Mar 1204:51:54
SM215 - Quad Run (2022)Mar 18Mar 1802:42:40
SM223 - Quad Run II (2023)Mar 19Mar 1903:39:32
DM4 Jam + DLC (2018)Mar 25Apr 107:57:44
Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Inc. 2 (2023)Apr 1Apr 101:08:59
Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Inc. (2020)Apr 1Apr 102:11:51
The Spiritworld (2023)Apr 29May 609:28:06
Time to Belong (2023)May 7May 702:06:56
Sunken Fallacy (2023)May 7May 700:27:31
Explore Jam 3 (2023)Jun 10Jun 1709:34:31
Deathmatch Dimension v1.03 (2023)Jul 22Jul 2204:11:10
Dog Jam (2023)Jul 23Jul 2301:21:52
Null Bearing Redux v1.2 (2022)Jul 23Jul 2302:26:54
Temple of Teuthis v3 (2023)Jul 29July 2903:30:21
SM193 - Quakeguy Goes to White Castle (2019)Jul 30Aug 504:47:52
Corruption Catharsis: Part 1 - Try to Act Normal (2023)Aug 5Aug 501:33:57
Tainted (2023)Aug 6Aug 602:53:50
Rotting Jam (2023)Sep 9Sep 903:19:50
Re:Mobilize v1.1 (2023)Sep 16Sep 1708:13:16
Reload Map Jam v1.1 (2023)Sep 23Sep 2407:01:09
Total (336 paks)575:56:10


The following is a (possibly-incomplete) list of paks I haven't played yet but intend to.

Brutalist Jam 2 (2023)
Mjölnir (TBD)
The Absolution (TBD)
Tremor (TBD)
Fractured Realities (TBD)