Twitch Clip Fetcher Bookmarklet

To install, drag this link to your bookmarks bar or folder: Twitch Clip Fetcher



Bookmarklet that presents a UI on top of the Twitch Clips Manager page to retrieve data for clips en masse.


  1. Go to the Twitch Clips Manager
  2. Click the bookmarklet to open the UI
  3. Optionally specify a minimum date to limit clip retrieval:
    • If you've already run this and have data stored, find the createdAt value for the most recent clip and paste its value into the text box
    • Otherwise type a date in YYYY-MM-DD format into the text box
  4. Click on "Get Clips"
    • Clicking the button should disable it while it runs; if nothing happens, check your date format
  5. After "Get Clips" completes, the other buttons will become enabled for retrieving data
    • "Copy clip data" will copy the entirety of the JSON data twitch returned to the clipboard so you can paste and save it
    • "Copy cURL commands" will copy a set of commands you can save to a .bat (Windows) or .sh (Mac/Linux) file to invoke the curl command in order to download all of the retrieved clips
      • If you're on Windows and need cURL, you can get it here
      • Note: the links in these commands have a limited lifespan (24 hours)

A few notes on the data returned:

How does this work?


Version 1.0 (April 3, 2022)